Xiao Yang


Xiao Yang, lecturer, was born  in November 1977, he graduated from Hunan Normal University in June 2004 with a master's degree in law. Counselor of Hunan University School of Design and Art.

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Main responsibilities

  • The main responsibilities include:

  • Responsible for two grades of undergraduate work, student union work, sub-committee work

  • Responsible for the construction of student cadres and implement the “three-self” policy;

  • Assist in the work of student party building

  • Responsible for students' ideological education and mental health education

  • Responsible for the education support work for students with difficulties

  • Responsible for the construction of the study style

  • Responsible for daily management

  • Responsible for quality development education and scientific and technological innovation work

  • Responsible for campus culture construction

  • Responsible for social practice

  • Responsible for the ideological education and group building work

  • Responsible for military training and recommending college students to join the army

  • Responsible for admissions and employment guidance work

  • Responsible for the alumni association, related work of the Commission

  • Responsible for other work assigned by the leadership of the hospital