Wang Baosheng

undefinedWang Baosheng, born in February of 1984. Ph.D., assistant professor and master tutor. He is currently the secretary of the Party branch of the Party Branch of the School of Design,Hunan University. He has been awarded a full scholarship from the China Scholarship Council to study in the Design Culture Laboratory of the School of Design Science, Chiba University, Japan. Main research interests include: regional innovation through design innovation, community building, social innovation, urban-rural interaction, sustainable development, Welfare and marginal communities improve their well-being, social design; digital preservation and dissemination of cultural heritage; Silk Road utensil design, cross-cultural design comparison, design culture, design sociology, art anthropology, design survey, cultural visualization design, design methodology In the research field, he has presided over 2 national-level projects, 1 provincial-level key project, and 10 other provincial-level and school-level topics. He has published more than 10 papers in both Chinese and English, and monographed one. As of 2018, there were nearly 20 graduate students have gotten the master's degree under his guidence.

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Education background 

2002.9-2006.7 studied at the School of Design and Art of Hunan University, obtained a bachelor's degree in industrial design. 2006.9-2009.7. He is a graduate student at the School of Design and Art of Hunan University. He is a professor at the Institute of Design and Art. 2009.10-2013.9 is a national student studying in Japan. The Design Culture Research Office of the School of Design and Science of the Faculty of Engineering, Yee University (founded by Prof. Miyazaki, the community-creating authority), is a former UN economist, regional revitalization expert Professor Suzuki Naoto and community building expert Professor Shida Ken. The PhD research field is based. In-house regional revitalization of regional resources and local culture and overall community design and design During the period of reading, we participated in a series of regional cultural field investigations and regional revitalization design projects:

  • 2012.10-2013.9 participated in the multi-career program initiated by JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency), which includes a half-year technical engagement (ACE), technical completion (ACT), technical operation (AMT) course study and going to the United States. The Stanford Research Center (Stanford Research Institute), Virginia Tech, and Montana State University (Montana State University) conducted academic exchanges, and systematically introduced the theory and practice of community building in Chiba University.

  • 2013.1 Participation in the GADSP (Global Asian Design Institute Program) sub-project as the main person in charge - Designing is based on the wisdom of the ancestors in the foot help (the traditional wisdom-based life design in the area), which is from Chiba University and Aalto University in Finland. (Aalto University) A total of 14 international students from 6 countries participated in the study of local traditional living spaces, public facilities and food culture, and made design proposals to improve community well-being.

  • 2013.6 In the capacity of the project leader, the research project entitled “Recycling of Ceramic Resources in Architecture and Landscape Design - Based on the Two Sets of Ceramics in Seto and Changsha, Japan”.

  • 2012.05 Regional culture research in Sandao Village, Fukushima Prefecture, and community-based design project based on local traditional handicrafts. During the “Aizu Traditional Craftsman Festival”, the blue dyed costumes, cherry wood engravings and ceramic works of the team were sold out quickly. More enthusiastic response.

  • 2011. 9 Japanese deer field ceramic living culture and design survey research.

  • 2011. 8 House Mark design culture survey in Isumi, Japan.

  • 2010-2011 Pacific Island Countries Palau Palau and Yiwal Ivar Indigenous Community Resources and Cultural Exploration and Community Building Design

Scientific researches (nearly two years)

Hosted by the person in charge of the project: 2 national-level projects, including 1 National Social Science Fund Art Project, “Art Intervention in Rural Reconstruction Research”, and National Art Foundation Youth Art Talent Creation Project “Tanghai Silk Road “Black Stone” Shipwreck Digital Art Creation; Hunan Science and Technology Plan Social Development Key Research and Development Project 1 "Changsha Kiln Related Culture Reconstruction and Industrial Revitalization Based on Digital Information Technology"; nearly 10 provincial and ministerial level, school-level qualifications and education reform topics. The "Love Course Network" key mural construction course "Design Sociology" is being produced. He has published more than 10 papers in Chinese and English in related fields. The paper "The Potential of Rural Crafts in Promoting Community Empowerment through Participatory Design Intervention" won Cumulus International Design Art Media Association Alliance International Paper Best Paper Award "Best Paper Award". Supported by the Hunan University Press Publishing Fund, published the monograph "Regional Culture and Rural Revitalization Design" (410,000 words). As the project executive leader, he was responsible for the implementation of the “Design New Silk Road” 2015 International Academic Exchange Forum, which aims to promote international academic exchanges in cross-cultural design studies along the Silk Road, and in 2016 nearly 10 of Iran (Gupos) Cultural ancient city carried out a design culture study; responsible for the implementation of the 2018 Hunan University National Art Fund Art Talents Training Project "Daxiangxi Minority Brocade Embroidery Craft Innovative Talents Training"

Honor awards

  • 2018 National Art Foundation Youth Art Creation Talents (Arts and Crafts);

  • 2018 Hunan University National Art Fund Art Talent Training Project Training Expert;

  • Excellent Communist Party Member of Hunan University in 2018;

  • Excellent undergraduate design instructor in 2018;

  • In 2007, Sony's innovative design workshop, E-pal was selected as the finalist in the country, and won the opportunity to go to the Sony Creative Design Center in Shanghai. The works were exhibited in the Sony Innovation Exhibition Space in the China International Creative Exhibition.

  • The 2006 Shanghai International Design Biennale (theme: Super Design), “Folding Fan” won the Excellent Industrial Product Design Award, and was reprinted by design magazines such as “Product Design” and “Big Design”;

  • In 2006, he won the Gold Award for Excellent Graduation Design Industrial Design in Hunan Province;

  • Silver medal in the first and second Gree air-conditioning design competitions in 2005 and 2006.

Graduate training directions

The postgraduate training goal is to make graduate students become international excellent design talents with outstanding design ability, excellent English proficiency, excellent comprehensive quality and design leadership after three years of training and study. By 2018, nearly 20 graduate students will be instructed, and the graduate students will be awarded the famous design awards such as Red Dot, G-mark and IF. The graduate students are employed in well-known enterprises such as Alibaba and CSR High Speed Rail Design Center.

At present, the research topics are supported by national-level projects, as follows: (1) Geographical revitalization driven by design innovation, social innovation and community building: This direction explores how the local community gradually collapses in the contemporary era of social transformation, based on regional culture Use design-driven collaborative innovation to improve the well-being of local communities with local resources. Design outputs include various categories of design disciplines such as product design, visual communication design, digital art design, service design, business model design, interaction design, utility design, architecture and landscape design, etc.; (2) material and non- Digital creation of material cultural heritage: Record, protect and disseminate cultural heritage through digital means such as virtual reality VR, augmented reality AR, game design, and cross-media digital product design. (3) Research and practice on the design of related materials on the Silk Road: Through the method of cross-cultural comparison, the intrinsic relationship between the design of the Silk Road and the various cultures along the Silk Road is studied. On this basis, various forms of design innovation can be carried out. (4) Support valuable research and practice in any other design field that is of interest to students, and explore together for unknown areas.

Reasons for choosing me: (1) As a young teacher, I am energetic, full of enthusiasm, full of energy, and will put all my energy into the students. Will guarantee 1-2 times a week reading club, in the book club to share papers and reviews, English learning, design research and practice report summary. (2) I am proficient in English. I have worked as an IELTS and GRE training teacher part-time. Will use the weekly reading club to take students to read articles from well-known English journals such as Economist and Financial Times, and provide comprehensive guidance on listening, speaking, reading and writing. At the same time, students who plan to study abroad have an in-depth application guidance. (3) I am a gentle personality, and my students are also teachers and friends. They can inspire each other and work together to achieve excellent results.

The quality of the students I like: positive energy, hard work, good comprehensive humanistic quality, excellent self-learning ability, outstanding English, solid design skills, distinctive skills (programming, statistics, sociology, various digital technologies, organizational communication Ability, etc.), and so on. Welcome to the School of Design and Art of Hunan University to work together to spend a full three years!