Zhao Danhua

A12Zhao Danhua, born in August 1982, Ph.D., associate professor. Research interests include "emotional design"and "automotive modeling". Among them, automotive modeling domain knowledge includes automotive modeling features and semantic cognitive elements; design intent and cognitive interpretation; design cognitive communication model, which is designed for automotive design, review and provide knowledge assistance. As one of the mentor of high-end equipment and transportation modules,  has repeatedly directed student awards. Major awards such as the 2017 CDN China Auto Design Competition and guide students to participate in the annual championships and the "Best Student Design Award of the Year". Both winners received full funding and went to the Detroit Institute of Creative Design for a four-week cultural immersion workshop. In the 2018 CDN China Auto Design Competition, students won three awards, include the Best User Interface Award, the Best Interior Design Award and the Finalist Award. In addition, the College of Design and Art of Hunan University won the Best Annual Academy Award in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Education background:

  • 2000.9-2004.7, Industrial design department, Hunan University, China, Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.), Industrial Design.

  • 2004.9-2007.7, School of Design, Hunan University, China, Master of Arts (M.A.), User-centered Design; Direct admission to postgraduate school with high recommendation, The tutor is Prof. Zhao Jianghong.

  • 2007.10-2013.12, School of Design, Hunan University, China, PhD, DA, focused on design theory and design method within car design and evaluation process; Car Styling Research Unit in State Key Laboratory of Advanced Design and Manufactory For Vehicle Body, Hunan University Direct admission to PhD school with high recommendation, the tutor is Prof. He Renke.

  • 2008.9-2009.9, as an exchange PhD with the National Scholarship did one year research in Virtual Reality and Virtual Modeling Unit in Politecnico di Millano. The supervisor is Prof. Fausto Brevi. And as an assistant lecture in the TAD car design master course which was Set by Politecnico and Alfa Romeo design center.

  • 2014-2017 SAIC-GM-Wuling and Hunan University jointly trained postdoctoral fellows.

Academic research and research projects (nearly 5 years)

  • From 2017 to 2019, he hosted the National Natural Science Foundation of China: “Types of Product Modeling Emotion Based on Evaluation Factors and Benchmarks” (Project No. 51605154).

  • February 2017 - February 2018, visiting scholar at the University of Technology, Turin, Italy.

  • In 2016-2018, he hosted the provincial key R&D project: “Innovative Application and Sensory Quality Research of Traditional Handmade Products and Materials Based on Virtual Experience”. (Project No.: 2016GK2010)

  • In 2016, he hosted a project in cooperation between Hunan University and CZ Zhuzhou Electric Power Co., Ltd.: “Research on the Genetic Methods of Enterprise Product Genes (DNA)”.

  • In 2016, a paper cooperating with Li Ran (Southwest Jiaotong University) and Professor Zhao Jianghong, "Product Modeling Emotional Computing: A Method for Co-evolution of Problem Space and Solution Space" at KEER (The 6th International Conference on Sensible Engineering and Emotional Research) Read out.

  • As a sub-subject researcher, the National Key Basic Research and Development 973 Program: Sub-project of "Reliability of Modern Design Large-Scale Application Software" (Project No.: 2010CB32800) "The Theory and Methodology of Structure Accuracy Controllability of Complex Product Data Models" (Project No.: 2010CB328001), (2010-2015).

  • Chief interior designer of the light truck design for the Sinotruk company. It has been in production since March, 2012 in Jinan and sells well in the market.

  • Oral presentation in IASDR 09 Seoul, the subject is A Feature-Line-Based Descriptive Model of Automobile Styling and Application in Auto-design which is the research of the capturing, describing and representing of design knowledge both in the design process and the design case.

  • Chief exterior designer of the Zhongqi executive car which is a show car in 2008 Beijing Auto show with the purpose of exploring the design language of the Chinese executive culture.

  • As a sub-subject researcher, the National Key Basic Research and Development 973 Program: Sub-project "Industrial (Stying) Design Expertise Aided Design System" of "Common Foundation of Modern Design Large-Scale Application Software (Project No.: 2004CB719400)" (Question No.: 2004CB719401)(2005 -2009)

  • As a subject researcher, he participated in the National 863 Program: "Case-based Industrial Design Technology and Auxiliary Design System and Application Research" (Project No. 2004AA424530). (2004-2005)

Main works and papers:

  • Research Framework of Emotion Classification and Value of Product Modeling. PACKAGING ENGINEERING,2016,37(20):1-8.

  • Danhua Zhao. A Car Styling-bansed Study the Design Intention and Interpretation. Beijing: CHINA YOUTH PUBLISHING GROUP,2014.

  • Danhua Zhao, Renke He, Hao Tan, Ran Li. Research on Semantic Acquisition and Expression of Car Brand Styling. PACKAGING ENGINEERING, 2013(13)27-31.

  • Danhua Zhao, Renke He. Brand Styling and Feature Research of Alfa Romeo. Art Design2011, (7)72-74.

  • Danhua Zhao, Jianghong Zhao. Automobile Form Feature and Feature Line, PACKAGING ENGINEERING, 2007(28)115-117.

  • Danhua Zhao, Jianghong Zhao, Fangzhen Zou. A Feature-Line-Based Descriptive Model of Automobile Styling and Application in Auto-design. In: CAD. IASDR, Seoul, Korea, 2009, 2503-2512.