Yi Jun

Yi Jun, Ph.D., associate professor, current Assistant Dean of the School of Design of Hunan University and the executive deputy director of the National Art and Design Experimental Teaching Center. Born in October 1970, he graduated from the Department of Industrial Design of Hunan University in 1992 and stayed on to teach. Afterwards he received a master's degree in design art and a doctorate in literature. From 2007 to 2008, he was a visiting scholar of the Sino-Italian Exchange Program of the China Scholarship Foundation. He studied at the Politecnico di Milano School of Design and Art (INDACO) in the reverse model and virtual prototype laboratory for one year. After returning to China in December 2008, he created a digital model engineering laboratory at the Experimental Center of the School of Design Art and a part-time laboratory director. The main research direction is reverse technology, digital model and advanced manufacturing technology and product design for industrial design. The undergraduate courses he taught include “Product Design Model”, “Product Structure and Fast Digital Manufacturing”, “Digital Model and Engineering”, postgraduate courses include "Industrial Design Reverse Technology" and "Product Design Analysis”.

Selected Publications and Books (Lead Author)

  • Does the Familiarity of Road Regulation Contribute to Driving Violation? A Simulated Study on Familiar and Unfamiliar Road Intersections among Young Chinese Drivers[M]// Advances in Human Aspects of Transportation. 2018:307-318

  • "Changsha Kiln Prototype Acquisition and Digital Representation", Hunan University Press, November 2016.

  • "Design and Analysis of Prototypes of Regional Cultural Things", "Packaging Engineering", November 2016

  • "Acquision and Digital Representation of Prototype of Changsha Kilns Things ",2015 Digital Heritage International Congress

  • "Research on the Reverse Technology of Industrial Design Models", "Packaging Engineering" December 2009 127-129

  • "Get Virtual Prototypes from Product Packaging and Real Objects - Exploring the Application of Reverse Demand in the Field of Packaging Design", Packaging Engineering, December 2008 194-197

  • "Industrial Design Model Method in the Digital Age", "Packaging Engineering", October 2006 231-234

  • "Exploration of Architectural Design Language", Journal of Hunan University, Social Science Edition Supplement, 2001, Volume 15, 197-200

  • "Works of Product Design", "Hunan Packaging", 2001

Vertical Research Projects 

  • “Building Collaborative Innovation Platform for Industrial Design Based on Digital Intelligent Manufacturing”, Project Leaders

    2016 Hunan Science and Technology Plan Project (2915) No. 96

  • Research on key common technologies for the integration of industrial design and clothing industry, Sub-Project Leaders

    2015 Ministry of Science and Technology Support Plan (2015) No. 345

  • “Sino-British Sustainable Design and Industrial Residual Materials Upgrade and Utilization International Cooperation Research”, Project Leaders

    2013 Hunan Science and Technology Plan Project (2013WK3042)

  • “Building Platform for Rapid Development and Manufacturing of Cultural Tourism Creative Products”, Second Project Leaders

    National Science and Technology Support Program 2012

  • "Research on the Reverse Technology for Product Modeling", Project Leaders

    2009 Central University Basic Research Project

  • Sub-topic of "Study on School-enterprise Cooperation and Construction of Training Base (GKA103004)", Second Project Leaders

    Ministry of Education 2010

  • "Case-based industrial design technology and auxiliary design system and application research", Fifth Project Leaders

    National 863 High Technology Project in 2005

  • Based on design knowledge and user knowledge, research and application of CNC machine tool design technology, Fourth Project Leaders

    National 15th Research Project in 2002

Horizontal Research Projects (Project Leader)

  • STC250T Crane Integral Industrial Design, SRC600C Crane Integral Industrial Design, SAC2200S Crane Integral Industrial Design, 2017, Trinity Heavy Industry

  • 31 reload wide body car industrial design and development, 2017, 31 reload

  • Split maintenance vehicle industrial design, 2016, Nakayama Yasuromi Road Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Multi wheel drive mining vehicle industrial design, 2015, Henan juntong Vehicle Co., Ltd.

  • Integral Industrial Design and Serial Application of Lifting Products. 2015, Henan Juntong Vehicle Co., Ltd.

  • Cash handling automatic machine development, 2014, Hunan Chen Tai information Polytron Technologies Inc

  • The overall industrial design of vehicle mounted sewing machine and trailing and sewing machine. In 2012, Guangdong Yi Shan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

  • STC250S truck crane overall industrial design, 2012, Sany

  • The whole industrial design of microwave maintenance vehicle. In 2011, Guangdong Yi Shan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

  • SAC5000 crane overall industrial design, 2011, Sany



  • Tear it Off 2017, Tear it Off

  • 2013 International University cooperation upgrading and utilization of industrial waste based on low carbon design

  • The best international team award for environmental future, outstanding inter school team award and best stone Application Award.

  • Excellent tutors for graduation practice in Hunan University in 2013

  • 2012 China Design Gold Award (State Intellectual Property Office)

  • 2012 Hunan literature and Art Award (31 large tonnage crane design), the Second Place

  • 2010 China Red Star Award for innovation design, the Second Place

  • 2008 China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award (Case-based NC Machine Tool Industrial Design System), the Fifth Place