He Guoqiang

贺国强Dr. Guoqiang He, graduated from the Fine Arts College of Hunan Normal University in 1993, and graduated from Hunan University with a master's degree in art in 2004. He is an associate professor and master's tutor at the School of Design and Art of Hunan University.

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Academic part-time

Director of the of Campus Culture and Art Institute of Hunan University, member of the Chinese Hard Pen Calligraphers Associ   ation, director of the Hunan Young Calligraphers Association, member of the Hunan Artists Association and Hunan Calligraphers Association, former deputy chairman of the Hunan Provincial Campus Literature and Art Association. The main research direction is brand planning and designing, Chinese ink art, and contemporary calligraphy art. His works about art, calligraphy, design and others have been selected in national-level provincial exhibitions and won awards. The museums in United States, Germany, Denmark, Singapore and other countries, the mainland and Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and other places regard his works as collections. He has participated in many provincial and ministerial level teaching and research projects, and has presided over designing brand culture for many key universities and large enterprises.

He created a platform for entrepreneurship, started a business with doctor and postgraduate students from universities such as Hunan University and Central South University,and dedicated to corporate brand design and postgraduate training.

He presided over the compilation of the "College of Design Art Majors in Colleges and Universities" and was the editor-in-chief of the series. He Edited eight books and textbooks such as "College Calligraphy Tutorial", "Design Sketch Performance", "Design Sketch Performance", "Color Still Life Performance", "Color Landscape Performance", "Pattern Design Performance", "Graphic Creative Design", "University Public Art about Calligraphy Appreciation". He has published many papers and works of art in core journals such as Journal of Hunan University, Design and Art, University Education Science, and Yihai.


  • 2016-2018. Conduct the planning and design of the investment promotion series of the government of Datang Town, Sanshui District, Foshan, Guangdong.

  • 2018. Joint the Ph.D. and Masters from Hunan University, Central South University, Hunan Normal University, Jiangnan University, Central South University of Forestry and Technology, and initiated the establishment of Hunan Jianzhi Bird Culture Communication Co., Ltd., focusing on brand image planning and design, hand-painted creativity and postgraduate training.

  • 2018. Plan the overall shooting plan of Hunan University film and television promo film

  • 2018. Plan and design the performance image of Zhouge Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

  • 2016-2018. Plan and design the overall brand of Yunnan Ouhai Runsentang Tea Co., Ltd.

  • 2010-2018. Plan and design the overall brand of Changsha Fuding Sculpture Co., Ltd.

  • 2014-2018. Plan and design the overall brand of Hunan Qiawei Honey

  • 2010-2016. Plan and design the investment series of the Sanshui District Government of Foshan, Guangdong

  • 2014-2015. Image Design of Hunan Changsha Productivity Promotion Center

  • 2011.10-2011.12. Image of religious architecture in the Yangtze River Basin

  • 2014-2015. Cultural Construction and Brand Image Design of Lingshang Art Village in Hunan Province

  • 2014-2015. Plan and design the cultural construction of the Changsha County Archives

  • 2013-2014. Sculpture and Landscape Design of Hunan Engineering Vocational College and Hunan Transportation Vocational College

  • 2013-2014. Cultural Construction and Brand Image Design of Hunan Huasheng Group Corporation

  • 2008-2015. Plan and design the overall brand of Hunan Xianglushan Black Tea Co., Ltd.

  • 2004-2008. Campus Culture Construction and Brand Image Design of Hunan University

  • 2008. Corporate Culture Construction and Brand Image Design of Hunan Light Industry Salt Industry Group Corporation

  • 2008. Product Packaging and Image Design of Hunan Tiansheng Agriculture Co., Ltd.

  • 2008. Cultural Construction and Display Design of Hunan Light Industry Textile Design Institute

  • 2008. Corporate Culture Consulting and Planning of Hunan Weisheng Electronics and Hunan Yite Electronics

  • 2008-2011. Design a large relief of Hunan Martyrs Park

  • 2012. Design a large relief of Hunan Xinxi Square

  • 2006. Campus Culture Consulting and Design of Xiamen University of Technology and Changsha University of Science and Technology

  • 2008-2018. Cultural Construction and Brand Image Design of Hunan Yipai CNC Co., Ltd.

  • 2010-2012. Nine Groups of Theme Sports Sculpture Design in Loudi City, Hunan Province

  • In 1997 and 1998, he won the first prize of the outstanding teaching plan of young teachers of Hunan University.

  • In 1999, he won the first prize of Hunan University Young Teachers Lecture Competition.

  • In 2000.  He participated in the Hunan Provincial Social Science Project "Changsha Urban Development Research”

  • 2004. He presided over the "Innovation and Construction of Teaching Art for Design Art Majors" and won the first prize of teaching achievements of Hunan University.

  • In 2005, "Design Sketch Performance" won the "China Star" decoration design excellence award;

  • In 2005, he established the Campus Culture and Art Institute of Hunan University, and presided over the planning and design of the radiation project of Yuelu Academy Cultural Campus.

  • In 2005, The students guided by He were awarded the second prize of the Ministry of Education College Student Art Festival.

  • In 2006, He presided over the Hunan Province Eleventh Five-Year Plan Project "Research on Campus Culture Countermeasures of Yuelu Academy of Radiation University" Project.

  • 2006, Hunan Province Education Science Research Project: “Innovative Research on Color Teaching in Colleges and Universities”

  • 2006. Hunan Provincial Social Science Planning Project: “Research on Cultural Construction of College Students' Apartment Park”

  • 2006. He won Third Prize of National Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award “New technology for grain moisture determination and its application” (modeling, color design)

  • 2006. He won the National Business Science and Technology Progress Award by “Research and Application of New Moisture Rapid Detection Technology” (Sculpture, Color Design)

  • In 2007, he was elected as the vice chairman of the Hunan Provincial Campus Literature and Art Federation.

  • In 2007, He was a design judge of the Pan-Pearl River Delta Nine Provinces Economic and Trade Fair

  • 2013 and 2016. He was the Industrial Model Design Jury of Hunan Province Vocational College Professional Skills Competition.

  • In 2008, He was the judge of the design and design of professional skills and competition design for vocational colleges in Hunan Province.

  • In 2009, the students guided by He were awarded the first prize of the National College Student Calligraphy Competition and won the excellent instructor.

  • 2010. Hunan Education Reform Project "Research on the Reform Model of Calligraphy Art in College Public Courses”

  • 2011&2012. Excellent Teacher of Hunan University Association in 2011

  • In 2012, he sponsored calligraphy and art donation activities at China Aid.

  • In 1993, "Zhusha Female”created by He participated in the first Hunan Provincial Painting Exhibition, and exhibited at the National Art Museum of China and went to Taiwan, the United States and other places to tour

  • In 1996, he won the Silver Prize of the 4th National Hard Pen Calligraphy Exhibition

  • In 2004, the Chinese painting "Empty Bottle" and the watercolor "Elevation Space" won the Hunan Provincial Excellent Works Award of the 10th National Art Exhibition

  • In 2004, the calligraphy works won the Excellence Award of the Hunan Calligraphy Grand Prix;

  • In 2006, Chinese painting "Han Qiu" participated in the celebration of the 55th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Hunan Province

  • 2008. personal art works named “Sui Xin” exhibit in XiaMen

  • In 2009, he won the Outstanding Instructor Award of the First National Large and Middle School Students Standardized Chinese Character Writing Competition. China Book Association. Beijing

  • 2011. Hunan Young Calligraphers Elite Exhibition

  • 2012. Hunan Youth Calligrapher Academic Exhibition

  • 2012. HuXiang Calligraphy Month Young Calligraphers Member Exhibition. Changsha

  • 2012. He obtain the third prize of the National Integrity Construction Calligraphy Exhibition hosted by The Central Organization Department and the Ministry of Education. Beijing

  • 2013. Zhejiang-Hunan Substantial Young Calligraphers Academic Exhibition. Changsha

  • 2013.The 3rd World Lettering Art Exhibition 2013. Seoul, South Korea

  • 2013. Excellence Award of Sunrise Oriental National Calligraphy Engraving Art Competition. Changsha

  • 2013. The first exhibition of the special art works of the opening of the Liuxi  River Painting Institute. Conghua, Guangzhou.

  • 2014 Special Award of Hunan Provincial University Teacher Art Calligraphy Works Exhibition

  • In 2014, participated in the Central South Lettering Art Workshop at Central South University of Forestry and Technology

  • 2014. Chinese Painting Art Works“Mirror Heart Blue Rhyme” exhibition presided by He in Zhuzhou.

  • 2014. Young Calligraphy Works Academic Exchange Exhibition in Zhangzhou, Zhejiang province.

  • 2014. South China Young and Middle-aged Painter Chinese Painting Exhibition. Shenzhen

  • 2014. Hunan. Quanzhou Calligraphy Academic Exchange Exhibition

  • 2014. The 6th China Lettering Art Exhibition. China Calligrapher Association in Jiangsu Nanjing

  • 2014 Macao and Guangzhou Art Calligraphy Art Exchange Exhibition.

  • 2015 Youth Calligrapher's Calligraphy Exchange Exhibition in Zhejiang, Hunan and Guangxi Provinces. Changsha, Hunan

  • 2015 Youth Calligraphers from Sichuan and Hunan Calligraphy Exchange Exhibition. Chengdu

  • 2016 China Young Calligraphers Alliance Forum and the First Biennale. Meilun Art Museum,Changsha

  • 2016 Calligraphy Exchange Exhibition of Liuxi River Painting Academy. Guangzhou

  • 2016. He’s Chinese Painting Art Exhibition of National Archives. Guangzhou

  • 2016.10. He organized exhibition of calligraphy and art works of all students of Hunan University: “Han Mo Danqing, Xinhuo Xiangchuan”.

  • 2017. Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Painting Masters. Changsha

  • 2018.5.  He organized the Hunan University College Calligraphy Tour Exhibition at Hunan University