Wu Xuesong


Xuesong WU

Ph.D., Assistant Professor.

Supervisor of postgraduates

Research Areas

Methods of product design and design thinking. it focuses on the purpose of human creation. In recent years, He had done the research on design strategies about enterprise-case study of Haier Groupand the product design methods driven by the meaning.In order to reach the truth and practicality of design knowledge and methods, the research uses double evidence method, theory evidence and factual evidence .He also has conducted a lot of product design projects for enterprises.

The current research concerns

Methods of product design and design thinking.

Graphic thinking for design

Design, fiction and social dreaming

Methods of the intangible culture heritage digitization and cognition

Design history and criticism


2012-2017  Ph.D., Design System and Design ResearchHunan University.

2002-2005  M.A., Design strategy , Theory and Methods of Product DesignHunan University.

1994-1998  B.E., Industrial design, Wuhan University of Technology.

Career history

1998-2002  Industrial designer, New product development and product design, Haier Group.

2008-2009  Researcher, Design strategy and design innovation ,Department of Design, Sapienza Università di Roma.

Selected publications

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The automatic drum washing machine he designed was rewarded Silver award in 2000 Hong Kong invention exhibition, at the same year was awarded second prize in social outcomes by Haier Group. He was awarded first prize for scientific and technological achievements by Haier Group in 2001. He was rewarded third-class in young teachers lecture competition of Hunan university in 2006. He was awarded the title “excellent Supervisor of graduates”by Hunan university in 2012 and 2017.