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Design Management

Course title(Chinese)

  • 设计管理

Course title(English)

  • Design Management


  • 2


  • 32


  • History of Design, Design Psychology, Design Semiotics, Service Design


Design management is an inter-discipline that is using the basic principles and research methods of management to analyze and reconstruct the design behavior of people to make them more reasonable and efficient. Since the target learner are graduate students majoring in art and design, combined with the relevant basic knowledge, the course focuses mainly on how to organize design resources, and achieve brand differentiation effectively through design management. Specifically, it includes the design organization of various touch points of the brand, and the organization and analysis of the touch points of the service design related to the brand.

In terms of teaching methods, the course is divided into two parts: about 50% of the class time introduces the main knowledge of design management, research trends, and is supplemented by case study analysis. 50% of the time allows students to choose research topics freely , conduct research on the subject, and make it possible to learn to act as an analyst and manager of different formative design resources in the subject, experience the performance, value, and significance of the design management, and communicate with teachers and classmates through research reports, course papers, etc. Finally, the teacher inspires further thinking through summing up and commenting.

About this course

Mainly including the following five parts:

Chapter 1, Concepts and general history of Design Management

Chapter 2, Branding and Marketing1: Design Management and Consumer Psychology

Chapter 3, Branding and Marketing2: Differentiation through Design Management

Chapter 4. Service Design: Design Management oriented Innovation

Chapter 5, Management of Touch Points for Branding and Service Design


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