Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Design

This major aims to cultivate talents who possess profound Chinese cultural heritage and international vision, systematically master the history of industrial design knowledge, modern design methods and design methods such as form, structure, material and information, and can use industrial design expertise and tools to engage in various product development. Design, design, development, research and teaching staff with strong practical skills and innovative awareness in 3C products, transportation and information products services.


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Specialty Features

While focusing on cultivating students' basic theories and methods of industrial design, design thinking and innovation, graphic and visual performance, product modeling, and computer-aided design, focus on the needs of professionals in the society, the senior professional courses are combined into three major modules: product design, transportation, digital communication and interaction.On the basis of mastering the core competence of the students, students can choose a module to develop in depth according to their own hobbies and future employment intentions.

Academic system & degree 

  • Four-year undergraduate degree, with flexible period of schooling that in accordance with the credit system management implemented.(up to 6 years)

  • Students who have completed the prescribed courses and practical subjects as required by the course plan and who meet the qualifications of the degree are awarded a bachelor's degree in engineering (industrial design).