Graduate Program in Digital Product and Media Design, jointly developed by Hunan University and Queen Mary University of London


Queen Mary University of London (hereafter referred to as Queen Mary College) is one of the four largest universities under the internationally renowned University of London. Queen Mary College of the University of London ranks in the top 25% of the UK university rankings. In the World University Rankings of 2011 and 2012, Queen Mary College is ranked 11th in research at UK universities. (RAE2008).

Since 2012, Queen Mary University of London has joined the Russell Group (Britain's top university organization). As a graduate of top UK university, the degree of Queen Mary College is recognized and favored by employers around the world, and the starting salary of graduates is ranked in the top three in the UK. The average annual salary of Queen Mary College graduates in 2010 is £33,450. Queen Mary College has a number of key disciplines that are leading the way in the UK. The School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science is one of the first universities in the UK to offer a degree in computer science. Since then, the school has played a pivotal role in this discipline. The college offers a master's degree in international internet computer, a master's degree in e-commerce engineering, and so on, which graduates have been hot and have been vying for major companies

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project features

1. China-British double degree education: full-time, flexible academic system based on 2.5 years, the study period is generally 2-4 years. After completing the training sessions of both parties, they will be awarded a master's degree from Hunan University and a master's degree in computer science from Queen Mary's College, all of which are approved by the Ministry of Education.

2. Interdisciplinary and complementary advantages: The project partners have complementary advantages. Both the design art discipline of Hunan University and the computer science discipline of Queen Mary College are top in their respective fields. They have a long-term and high-quality reputation for training students. Their graduates have a good reputation in the Chinese and British industries.

3. Study in three places and expand knowledge more: In the first semester of the first year, study at School of Design of Hunan University in Changsha; and study at Hunan University Media Laboratory (Shenzhen) in the second semester , here you can experience the development of digital media, cultural creativity and information service industry in the field, preparing for study abroad; the second year is at Queen Mary College in London, studying and completing the British thesis, cultivating international vision and research capabilities; completing the graduation defense request of Hunan University and obtaining employment after returned to China.

4. emerging direction and broad employment prospects: Digital Product and Media Design ,which uses technology as means and art as soul, is an emerging direction of design art and digital media technology. In recent years, graduates in this direction have a better employment situation in the fields of information communication, Internet services, mobile applications, digital games, media communication, etc, and graduates have higher starting salaries.

Training directions

  • Digital product design

  • Digital media design

  • Human-machine environment and interaction design

  • Digital sound and experience design

Study arrangement:

Stage 1: From September 2013 to January 2014, School of Design ,Hunan University (Changsha) , mainly study public courses and professional basic courses of Hunan University.

Stage 2: From February 2014 to June 2014, Hunan University Media Lab (Shenzhen), mainly study part of the professional courses and train language skills.

Stage 3: From July to August 2014, procedures for processing abroad.

Stage 4: From September 2014 to July 2015, studying in Queen Mary College (London).

Stage 5: From September to December 2015, study in Hunan University Media Lab (Shenzhen).

Enrollment and fees standard

1. Apply for the master's degree (including academic and professional degree) of Hunan University in 2013. The written test score has reached the qualification for admission to Hunan University. Students choose voluntarily and we will choose the best one.

If the total score of the written test or the score of the single subject is 5 points lower than the score of the graduate student admission score of Hunan University, the student will willingly accept adjustment and we will choose the best one. (Specific application method will explained elsewhere)

*Special Tips 

 English Requirements: According to the English Ministry of Education and Queen Mary College's English proficiency requirements, applicants must obtain an (Academic) IELTS score of 6.5 or less within 2.5 years of enrollment. Otherwise, they will not be able to Obtaining a student visa, you will not be able to graduate successfully without completing the British training session;

If you can provide proof of English proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL, CET-6, etc.) at the time of application, it will be helpful for admission;

2. The tuition fee of Hunan University is based on the criteria for studying abroad and joint training projects of Hunan University.

The British tuition fee is £14,000, and excellent students will receive a scholarship of up to £4,000 (directly deduct from tuition fees); the entire living expenses at your own way.

Proof of relevant funds must be provided at the time of application;