Lin Wei

Lin Wei

Graduated from the Department of Industrial Design of Hunan University in 1987. Being not only a  professor and master instructor, he is the director of Product Design Department, Fuzhou University Teaching Master, Member of Fuzhou University Teaching Steering Committee. The provincial key discipline of design science in Fujian Province, the specialty of industrial design in Fujian Province, the pilot of the comprehensive reform of industrial design major in Fujian undergraduate colleges, and the head of Fujian Province's excellent course “Design Performance Techniques”. Member of the Teaching and Instruction Subcommittee of the Industrial Design Department of the Ministry of Education, Member of the Industrial Design Branch of the China Mechanical Engineering Society, Teaching Member of the China Mechanical Industry Education Industrial Design Discipline, Executive Director of the Chinese University Science and Art Creative Alliance, Member of the Fujian Artists Association, Xiamen Director of the Creative Industry Association, director of the Xiamen Arts and Crafts Society.

In May 1986, in order to commemorate the 1010th anniversary of the birth of the Yuelu Academy and celebrate the 60th anniversary of the official naming of Hunan University, under the guidance of the teacher Cheng Tao, the school emblem was specially designed for the school. The design has been used ever since.

In the direction of teaching and research, Professor Lin has served as an undergraduate course in industrial design, such as "Design Performance Techniques", "Product Design" and other undergraduate courses and design studies, "Product Planning", "Product Concept Design Research", "Product Morphology". Teaching, his main research direction is product development and design, design theory.

On the academic side, Professor Lin has presided over a number of longitudinal topics, hosted dozens of horizontal projects, published more than 30 papers, and published 5 monographs and textbooks. He won one second prize of teaching achievements in Fujian Province, one first and second prize of teaching achievements of Fuzhou University, two first prizes of teaching excellence of Fuzhou University and one prize of “excellent scientific and technological workers” of Fuzhou University. Dozens of items.

He has served as the China Excellent Industrial Design Award of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Undergraduate Industrial Design Competition of the Ministry of Education, the International College Snow Sculpture Competition, the National 3D Digital Innovation Design Competition, the Hubei Chutian Cup Industrial Design Competition, and the Chinese Bathroom Hardware “Golden Prize” Industrial Design Innovation Competition, Vantage Industrial Design Competition, Fujian University Student Industrial Design Competition, "Strait Cup" Fujian (Jinjiang) Industrial Design Competition, Straits (Xiamen) Industrial Design Grand Prix, Cross-Strait (Chuzhou) Industrial Design Technology Innovation Competition, Fujian Province "Good Things "Cup Furniture Design Innovation Competition, Cross-Strait College Students Culture and Creativity Contest, Fujian Province Social Science Outstanding Achievement Award, Fujian Provincial Department of Education Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation, Fujian Province General University Additional Bachelor Degree Authorization Professional Evaluation, Fujian Higher Education College New Century Excellent Talent Support Program, Fujian Provincial Department of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Project, Fujian Science and Technology Department Project, Fujian Provincial Economic and Information Committee Project, Xiamen Science and Technology Bureau Project, Xiamen Economic Development Bureau Project, Quanzhou Science and Technology Bureau Project, Quanzhou Economic Development Bureau Project, Longyan City Economic Development Bureau Fujian senior artists, Xiamen craft artists and other judges.