Wang Guosheng

Wang Guosheng

Associate Professor of Industrial Design, College of Design, Hunan University, Associate Professor of Tsinghua University, Associate Professor of Masters, Deputy Director of Design Management Institute of Tsinghua University Art and Science Center, Academic Leader of Service Innovation Design, SDN (Service-Design) -Network) Chairman of International Service Design Alliance (China), founder and design consultant of Togo/Trio Design, former Secretary General of China Industrial Design Association and China Information Product Design Committee (CIPD).

Professor Wang Guosheng has a unique academic proposition in recent years focusing on service design and design strategies, information product design trends and design methods. Now he is the academic leader of the service design direction of Tsinghua University. He has accumulated rich experience in design and consulting in the field of mobile communication in China. He founded DE.BLANC Mould Model Design Co., Ltd. and designed the world's first folding mobile phone Philips630 for Philips. More than 3 million sales in the business.

Professor Wang Guosheng published academic monographs such as "Service Design", "Human Engineering in Design", "World's Successful Product Big Picture Code" in the academic field, and published many academic papers, which have an important impact in the design world. He has been invited to do academic research at foreign universities such as Carnegie Mellon University School of Design, France Loire ST, ETIENNE Art and Design Institute.

The design works have won the RED-DOT and IF International Design Award, the "Singapore International Invention Expo" Gold Award, the China Light Industry Department Excellent Industrial Design First Prize, the digital music product design work "Nudge and rhyme" is the only mainland China winner of iF international design award 2005, CeBIT Asia invited design works in 2005, was invited to represent China to participate in the "French International Industrial Design Biennale.”