Wu Guoping

Wu Guoping

Alumni of Industrial Design at Hunan University School of Design, a deputy director of Huawei's BG Innovation Design Center, responsible for the innovation of Huawei's flagship mobile phone design prototype. He has served as the head of Huawei's terminal mobile phone design work/CMF design director, the head of Huawei mobile phone design, and the design director of Dream Lab.

Huawei's flagship mobile phone P6, P8, Mate S chief designer, Huawei P series design language and temperament definition. Define the P series product series tonality and design language Edge design prototype derived P6/G6/P7/mobile power series products, laid the P series design tonality and strengthen the P series design language; star product U8860 (glory generation) project The main designer; during the period of hosting and leading the team to complete the D1/D2/P1/INQ 3G mini /INQ 3G Chat/ Vodafone V810/T2251/ S8600 Spark/C5588/P8 Youth Edition and other key models; Many projects have become milestones for Huawei's mobile phone products, bringing huge economic benefits to the company.

The main honors are:

2015 German IF Design Award

2015 EISA Best product

2014 China Business Innovation Design 50 (CBN weekly)

2014 German IF Design Award

2013 Huawei President's Awards

2013 EISA Best product

2012 Japan G-MARK Design Award

2011 German IF Design Award

In 2014, he won the title of design innovator for 50 Chinese business innovations (middle)