Our teachers are invited to participate in the 2018 Huawei Terminal University Technology Forum

On December 3, Huawei Consumer Business Group (CBG) terminal company held the “Haina Baichuan-2018 Huawei Terminal University Technology Forum” at the Shanghai R&D Base. Our teachers Marcelo Soares, Zhang Jun and Wang Haining were invited to participate in the user. In the experience of sub-forum exchanges, Professor Marcelo delivered a keynote speech entitled "HCI in the Mobile Technology in the Future" at the forum.


Huawei CBG is one of Huawei's three core businesses. Its products cover mobile phones, personal computers and tablets, wearable devices, mobile broadband terminals, home terminals and terminal clouds. CBG Terminals (Shanghai) is mainly responsible for the flagship mobile phones Mate series and P. Series of product development, user experience and interaction design research.

Organized by Huawei CBG terminal hardware department, the summit consists of four sub-forums including audio, simulation and user experience. It invites dozens of experts and scholars from universities and business circles at home and abroad to participate in the core technology of Huawei terminals. Explore business and key scenarios to increase mutual understanding, strengthen communication and long-term cooperation. Among them, the teachers of our school were invited to attend the user experience sub-forum. The experts were: Liu Yongcheng, Director of Netease Game Thunderfire UX User Experience Department, Professor Rao Peilun, Department of Industrial Engineering, Tsinghua University, Professor Han Ting, School of Design, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Department of Psychology, Zhejiang University Professor Qian Xiuying, Dr. Yuan Xiaowei from Beijing Yiweier Interface Design Co., Ltd., etc. Experts around the game user experience design, multi-channel natural human-computer interaction, product innovation design, big data user portraits and other topics, combined with Huawei's existing core user experience issues to share and suggest, and on-site and from Huawei terminal business units The colleagues had a lively and productive exchange.

After the meeting, the teachers of our school and the colleagues of Huawei's various business departments held a discussion and exchange. The two sides will carry out more technical exploration and scientific research cooperation in the field of hardware user experience design.

Professor Marcelo Soares gave a speech