SAIC Volkswagen X Hunan University WORKSHOP successfully concluded

From October 10th to October 17th, SAIC Volkswagen and Hunan University jointly launched WORKSHOP with the theme of “DESIGN JOURNEY 2018 Hunan Culture and Electric Vehicle Design.On the morning of October 17th, at the Peach Lake Auditorium of Hunan University School of Design and Art. A final report was made.On the morning of the 17th,a final report was made at the Peach Lake Report Hall of School of Design,Hunan University.


Figure 1. SAIC Volkswagen X Hunan University WORKSHOP Conference and Reporting Conference Poster

The seven-day SAIC Volkswagen X Hunan University WORKSHOP was successfully completed. The following is the results report.

The first group“small pack basket”

The design of this group is inspired by the elements of western hunan,and a two-person electric car designed with family as the starting point.Starting from the interior, it uses a unique layout to create a semi-surrounded state of the package.It is designed to enable children to communicate better with their families and to make the future car a hub for family.

Figure 2. The "Small Pack Basket" program

The second group "Hunan Satellite TV star pick up locomotive"

The design should be combined with Hunan culture.Therefore,Hunan Satellite TV, which represents Hunan's entertainment culture,was selected as the object,and an electric vehicle specially designed for picking up star guests from the airport was designed for Hunan Satellite TV.It can make up on the road, the stars can save time, and can be used as another interview room for various variety.The exterior is mainly designed with the logo of Hunan Satellite TV as the image.

Figure 3. Hunan Satellite TV star pick-up car exterior scheme

Through the division of the layout, the interior is reasonably divided into two areas,the "star" and the "assistant" area. The middle of the board changes the psychological barrier to make it feel private.In the front recliner part, it is also possible to form a certain working area by structural changes, and to complete the makeup and simple interview functions required in the car.

Figure 4. Hunan Satellite TV star pick-up car interior solution

The third group "Wild and Confucianism - MANRU"

Hunan culture is formed by the combination of traditional Confucian culture from the Central Plains region and native folk culture in the western Hunan region.Since ancient times,the people of Hunan have both the characteristics of"brut and Confucianism".Therefore, in this concept design of"Hunan Culture and Electric Vehicles",we hope to be able to integrate this unique characteristics of“Wild and Confucianism”into the conceptual vehicle.In conceptual design, we want to use one cars to express two different feelings.In the interior section, we designed two different driving modes, one is manual driving, and the driver will drive in the sitting position of the F1 racing driver, so that he can fully experience the excitement of passion driving.The other is the automatic driving mode,where the change of the seat shape and the change of the interior space allow the driver to have an elegant ride in a more comfortable state.These two different driving modes reflect the contrast between“Wild and Confucianism”.In the exterior part, we designed the front face of the vehicle with demihull as the main element,which makes the front of the vehicle more "wild".The rear part of the vehicle uses a more rounded and full form to shape the temperament of "Confucianism",which makes the vehicle form a contrast and fusion of"Wild and Confucianism"in appearance.


Figure 5. "Wild and Confucianism" program

The fourth group "Taxi Design in western hunan area - TAXI-D"

The ethnic minority culture of western hunan is an important part of Hunan culture. This group designed the 2030 taxi for the western hunan area based on the traditional culture of Dong people in western hunan.The exterior scheme 1 was inspired by the traditional residence of western hunan, the stilted building.

Figure 6. western hunan area taxi exterior scheme 1

The exterior scheme 2 was inspired by the “wind and rain bridge” of Dong people.Taking the image of the bridge as the starting point for the exterior design, the top shape of the car is derived from the "corner" of the wind and rain bridge, and the trunk is placed on the abdomen of the car. The shape of the whole vehicle fits with the bridge.

Figure 7. western hunan area taxi exterior scheme 2

Inspired by the“Dong Nationality brocade”,which is used throughout the interior of the car..The top is provided with hooks and a foldable table. The lower part has a small storage space. The interior space has various layouts which can be freely defined combination.Passengers enter from the rear of the car. When entering, they can't see what the interior space is. This give the passengers a mysterious feeling. Only when they open the brocade can they see the layout of the interior space and give the passengers a sense of ritual.The design of this group is based on“bridge”. The intention of“bridge”is not only reflected in the appearance of the car,but also in the communication between the people of western hunan and the people of western hunan and the foreign tourists, and spread the unique cultural characteristics of western hunan.Set up a bridge for communication between western hunan and the outside world.

Figure 8. western hunan area taxi interior plan

The fifth group "0731 ChangSha Shuttle Bus for meeting net friends"

Taking Changsha's entertainment culture and street culture as the starting point, it is a“meet net friends”car designed for young people who come to Changsha for entertainment.

The interior scheme is centered around two key words“vigor”and “communication”.This group chose a very psychedelic neon, a full-fledged color scheme, hoping to create a mellow atmosphere, even a bit of alcohol.

When designing the seat arrangement, on the one hand, they hope to create a space of “communication” and “concentration” for everyone. On the other hand, after simulating the sitting posture test,they hope this can be a relaxed and comfortable space for communication.Therefore, the four-eye relative seated type was changed to a diamond-shaped sitting seat, and the seat was made a height difference, so that the atmosphere created is more suitable for everyone to chat.

The design point of the door opening method is that the user sits first before getting on the bus,and then the four people in the car are gradually approaching when the door is closed,and there is a sense of ritual of“pulling close to each other”, and paving the way for the subsequent communication.

The holographic projection inside the car provides the passenger with a media way of presenting the content,which can provide the user with a topic,or provide customized content according to the user's personal characteristics,causing the four people to have a common concern and help the four to break the ice.


Figure 9.  shuttle car interior solution

After the interior plan was confirmed,the exterior decoration was designed for the characteristics of the young people who came to Changsha for entertainment and the unique way of opening the door. The overall appearance was stylish and simple, which was in line with the futuristic and technological sense of the city in 2030.

Figure 10. shuttle car exterior decoration solution

In the early stage of this workshop, Scotia exterior designer Deng Wenzhao and Skodar interior designer Hu Dongliang gave careful guidance and questions to each group of members.The two teachers have provided great help in our early thinking divergence,direction determination and initial establishment of the program with rich experience.

Figure 11. Previous report

In the post-program improvement stage, Shanghai Volkswagen interior designer Jin Jun and Skoda interior designer Huang Can gave us a lot of opinions and laid the foundation for further optimization of the program.

Figure 12. The designer is guiding the students to draw

The guests attending the report were Shanghai Volkswagen interior designer Jin Jun,Skodar interior designer Huang Can,Professor Zhao Jianghong and Professor Zhao Danhua School of Design,Hunan University.At the end of each group report, the two designers gave a precise evaluation of each group's plan, praised the innovation points of each group, pointed out the areas that may need to be improved, and pointing the way for further optimization of our program.Finally, Professor Zhao Jianghong made a final comment on the workshop results,pointing out that the emotional design of the interior space of the vehicle will become an epoch-making progress.


Figure 13. Teacher Zhao Jianghong is making a final review

Figure 14、15. Everyone takes a photo together after the presentation