Stay hungry,Stay foolish——About the second design psychology joint course of GAC DESIGN and School of Design, Hunan University.


At 9:00 on September 10, 2018, the second design psychology joint course of GAC DESIGN and School of Design,Hunan University,presented by Professor Tan Zhengyu, was successfully released at Hunan University. Mr. Fan Zhiqiang, Director of the Forward-looking Design Department of GAC DESIGN, Ms. Wang Dan, Director of the Design Research Office of GAC DESIGN, and many designers from the Forward-looking Design Department came to our school to participate in this joint course release event with the teachers and students of our school. Students had a wonderful discussion and live interaction with designers of GAC DESIGN. The guests present at the scene included Professor Zhao Jianghong, Professor Zhao Danhua and members of their team.


Before the official launch of the cooperative topic, Mr. Fan Zhiqiang of GAC DESIGN introduced the development history, brand value, research and development team of GAC, and series of concept cars and series production cars belong to GAC GROUP to help students understand the corporate culture of GAC GROUP better.In order to enable students to understand the emotional value of GAC, Mr. Fan highlighted the concept car iSPACE jointly released by GAC and Tencent."iSPACE is a Intelligent connection and electric concept car independently researched and developed by GAC GROUP. It is centered on the core concept of 'living space + social space', with the user experience as the core, and the 'near-field community' interactive system carried by the outer body to create a new social experience full of ‘participation’ and ‘ceremony.”(quoted from GAC design WeChat public number)It is an innovative model that breaks through the definition of existing products, fills the gap between the Internet and the real world, and aims to change the future mobile experience.Mr. Fan introduced the design concept and concept development process of iSPACE to the students in detailthat is, from the emotional needs of users, breaking the basic setting of “from A to B” of the car, and creatively proposed the concept of“CAR STOPS, LIFE STARTS" .At the same time, students are encouraged to actively think and explore in this cooperative course. On the basis of the success of the previous joint course, they will produce even more amazing results.


Later, Ms. Wang Dan, Director of the Guangzhou Automobile Design and Research Office, gave a presentation on the topic of cooperation for the students.After 20 days of research and exploration, GAC DESIGN and the "Transportation and Smart Travel" project team that belong to the National Key Laboratory of Advanced Body Design and Manufacturing of Hunan University jointly presented a series of topics that full of creative and speculative spaces.Ms. Wang Dan shared her interpretation of the topic and the original intention of the topic, and expressed her expectation for our students' achievements in this cooperative course.


Next, Professor Zhao Jianghong from School of Design,Hunan University, as a guest present, put forward a more macro understanding and interpretation of this course. At the same time, he highly praised iSPACE's core concept. Professor Zhao Jianghong hopes that design students who are in the period of industrial change can pay attention to the changes of the world at any time, train their own "architectural thinking" to better solve design problems, and expect students to gain something in this cooperation course.



Finally, designers of GAC DESIGN and the head of the course, Professor Tan Zhengyu, and Professor Zhao Danhua, participated in the in-depth discussion with students. iSPACE's exterior designers, interior designers, interaction designers, color&trim designers and forward-looking researchers guide students to brainstorm and divergent thinking from different design levels. The live interaction was warm and students showed great enthusiasm.


So far, this joint course launch event of GAC DESIGN and School of Design of Hunan University was a complete success. In the two-month course of Design Psychology, GAC DESIGN will conduct various forms of interactive communication with teachers and students of School of Design,Hunan University to realize the in-depth cooperation between GAC DESIGN and School of Design,Hunan University.GAC DESIGN also plans to invite outstanding performance teams to Guangzhou Automobile Research Institute for visits and speeches.