Li Zilong


Assistant Professor, Ph.D.

Supervisor of postgraduates 

Department of Industrial Design, School of Design.


  • PhD, Design Strategy, Kyushu University, Japan;

  • M.A., Environment Design, Donghua University, China;

  • BA., Environment Design, Donghua University, China;

Career history

  • Research fellow, Design Strategy, Kyushu University, Japan;

  • Researcher, Medialab Amsterdam, Amsterdam University of Applied Science;

Homepage of research lab (coming)

  • Public Design Lab.

  • The lab addressees the following: researchers on optimum relations among urban designs such as transportation and information, humans and living space in order to create a pleasant urban environment such as streets, squares, markets, and so forth. Graduates of this lab are engaged in the following jobs: Work in planning and design offices for urban environment, design sections of urban design producers and public research institutes.

Research Areas

  • Strategies of urban design and smart cities.

  • Urban Design is an interdisciplinary knowledge and core issues for urban studies. It refers to urban studies, information design, ergonomics and human factors, and behavioral sciences.

The current research concerns

  • 1.Theories of public design

  •      Placemaking of public spaces

  • 2. Information in public spaces 

        Accessibility and walkability,

        Legibility and wayfinding
    3. Design evaluation and behavioral studies

  •     Inclusive and advanced sustainable urban design

  •     Barrier-free for disabled people

  •     Design for health and wellbeing, and aging-friendly design

    4. Smart cities

  •     Urban governance and policy

Selected projects/publications 

  • Workspaces 2020, A Solution for Flexible Open-Offices of the Future》, 2015/02-2015/07, MediaLab, Amsterdam University of Applied Science.

  • Li,Z., & Morita, Y. (2016). Consistency of Information based on Users Behavior Observation in Wayfinidng Transfer between the City Bus and Trains at Hakata Station in Fukuoka City. Archives of Design Research Journal. 29(2), 23-45.

  • ZHANG, Yi, MORITA, Yoshitsugu, MA Wa-jun, LI Zi-long. (2017). From the Perspective of "City Sprit" to Explore the British Cultural and Creative Industries. Packing Engineering. 38(14): 101-105.

  • Zilong LI, Yoshitsugu ,MORITA. (2016). Information Demands of Bus Transfer System based on Human Wayfinding Behavior at Hakata Station in Fukuoka City. International Symposium on Affective Science and Engineering 2016, (ISASE 2016), Kogakuin University, Tokyo.

  • Li,Z., Morita, Y. (2016). Study on Information Signs based on Users' Wayfinding Behavior in Bus Transfer at Hakata Station and Kyoto Station. 6th International Kansei Engineering and Emotion Research Conference (KEER 2016), The University of Leeds, UK.