Nobel Panel on Green Education for future Resilient Cities

July 7, 2017 – BROAD Town, Changsha


Over the years, it has become clear that the current efforts, both in terms of nature and scale, have not been enough to combat the issue of climate change. The global sea levels have continued to rise, year-on-year an additional set of species has made it to the “endangered list” and disasters have wreaked havoc in the most unconventional place and time, throwing our coping mechanisms totally off-guard. Path-breaking technologies, revamped business models and innovative design solutions are some of the many crucial changes we need today. But is that where we stop? Do we, in addition, not need a strong foundation over which these alternative growth realities will be built? After all, it is evident that the current skills and capacities at our disposal are not enough to tackle this mammoth problem.

In this symposium, we explore how our institutions can incorporate climate change education into their core curriculum so that the next-generation of leaders is equipped with the necessary tools to deal with such challenges. In pursuance of this goal, P8 has pioneered to establish a model Sky University or “SkyU” in the BROAD campus that exemplifies these core beliefs. A key goal of this symposium would, therefore, delve on how a green curriculum can be developed for SkyU as well as other already well established institutions in Changsha. Some of the questions we would like to address are:

•Is the current education system relevant? If not, how do we steer it in the right direction so that it caters to the pressing needs of the day?
•How can green education address the triple goals of industry - education - research? How can it help in skill enhancement for vocational training?
•How can we address the challenges this might entail – competing curriculum demands, lack of resources, skill enhancement for employability, etc.?
•What sort of engagements are we looking to pursue and how will it help us achieve the paradigm shift?
•How can this new-age education framework help us mitigate and adapt to the threats of climate change?

Come join us in this interactive session with Dr. Pachauri, the global icon who brought the issue of climate change to the world stage, Dr. HeRenke, the Dean at the School of Design in Hunan University and an expert in Chinese industrial design and education, and Zhang Xianming, the Founder and CO-CEO of P8 Sustainable Innovation Community, an energizing 8-storey hub of innovations, ideas and creativity, not to mention the site for SkyU, the first university to have sustainability as a part of its core curriculum.

Main speakers:

Dr. R.K Pachauri

•Chief Mentor, Protect our Planet (POP) Movement
•Former Chairman, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and 2007 Nobel Peace Prize recipient on behalf of IPCC

Dr. Zhang Jun

•Dr. and Associate Professor, School of Design, Hunan University
•Co-founder, LeNS-China (Learning Network of Design for Sustainability)

Zhang Xianming

•Founder and CO-CEO, P8 Sustainable Innovation Community, Changsha
•PhD candidate, TERI University, Delhi

Organized by: P8 Sustainable Innovation Community

Venue: BROAD Town, Changsha
Date: 7th July 2017, 3-6 pm (Dinner provided)

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