An Iron Rod As a Souvenir 工作坊招募令

For immediate release. 
HNU School of Design — Room 422. 
From June 17 – June 29, 2013. 
Site-specific project (in situ). 
18 participants (6 teams of 3). 
Yet to be determined.

The designers Li Weiyi and Max Harvey will be giving a workshop this June at the School of Design of Hunan University vaguely touching the subjects of social interaction and space design. 

The goal of this workshop is to give the students the opportunity to make work without thinking about direct academic consequences! Now they can imagine doing a project where wandering is actively encouraged…

Wandering — 漫步: traveling aimlessly from place to place; itinerant.  

On a specifically delimited territory, the students will have to walk and get familiar with their environment. Although they might think now that they know the campus quite well, there is certainly many spaces that have to be discovered and understood. Next, they will have to select a location of their choice and get accustomed to its configuration.

Quickly, they will have to interact with their surroundings and make a project about that specific location.

So the result could be defined as a “reflection ‘in situ’ of each chosen space”.


Since the work will take place outside the School of Design, a possibility of displaying the results in an exhibition at the Box Gallery has been considered. The exact date has yet to be determined.

Li Weiyi, born in Changsha, studied in Tongji University and obtained an MFA from Yale University in 2012.

Max Harvey, 1982. Born in Canada and studied in the United States at Yale University. He is Currently teaching at Hunan University, School of Design in typography.